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Be aware of time
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This simple app provide the way You can notice the amount of time passed by just by feeling haptics. You can use it for making a habits, during interval studying or coding.

Dear User.

The app itself represents completely new way  to use Apple Watch during daily routine. I believe, it hard to comprehend new idea from the beginning, but if You get it a try – You will understand.

I believe for me and other people in mobile developers community that way of noticing time is crucial for developing a good habits during coding day. We have so many distractions on our way to the better life – calls, meetings, bugs, intensive coding when we forgot about almost every thing. So we tend to forget about things we are committed to do. Like developing new habit, eyes excercises, meditation and etc. Noticing the time ticking is a reminder to do things You was intended to do during the day.

Sometime I set an alarm to make me excercise a habit. It tends to fire and watch tend to say me something important during the meeting call or in the middle of my coding. It got in my way. So I silence it and forget. Is there a better way to manage a time, good habits?

Many people, normal and with disabilities, willing to be able to track time by filling vibrations of the watch on the wrist. Without unnecessary and inconvenient interactions with gorgeous UI of the Watch or Speaking with Siri. I implemented a MVP app that allows You to do so.

It works that way: Watch do a haptic that You can feel by the wrist. To make You understand, what time is it, hour is split on minutes:

  • each 0th, 15th, 30th, 45th, minute of hour Watch do a haptic with a medium amount of force.
  • each 5th, 10th, 20th, 25th, 35th, 40th, 50th, 55th minute of hour Watch do a haptic with a low amount of force.
  • each other minute there is small tick.

So after two-three sessions the skill develops and You can say what time is it now without UI interactions.

How I use it:

When I noticed that the quarter of hour passed I do drink water or do exercise for eyes.

Each hour or so I do quick meditation using Apple Watch app.

Sometime, when I feel a quarter – I am in the middle of something big – like finishing the Test Case in TDD – I don’t distract myself and finish the job done. Then I feel that 5 minutes passed – and switch to the exercise.

I like do meditations, exercise and other good habits in my way. For me It is better than watch that actually makes me stand up when it decides I should. I like things in my control, not being controlled. So maybe it is true for You, too.

Please kindly give a tool a try for You routine. I build it with support of You creativity and non-distractive environment. Feel free to reach me by email for feedback or a short story how it makes You life better.

Sincerely Yours,


User Guide:

After you open App or Press start – Watch will vibe with intervals.

It will produce feedback in accordance with current time.

  • tick haptics each minute.
  • start haptics each 5 minute
  • retry haptics each 15 minute

To stop – press the stop button anytime.

Session duration is 1 hour. After that time app will stop by itself.